• Why are Immunizations Important?

    In many parts of the world, diseases that do not occur in the U.S. or rarely do can be quite common. Diseases such as yellow fever, typhoid, dengue fever, hepatitis A and B, meningitis, Japanese encephalitis, diphtheria, cholera and others can not only ruin a foreign trip but also place travelers at risk. Many people continue to travel abroad for business or pleasure, yet only a small percentage of these travelers protect themselves by getting immunized against travel-related diseases. There is no shortage of immunizations to help safeguard against travel-related diseases. Plan ahead and protect your health while traveling outside the U.S.

  • How soon should I start getting my immunizations before travel?

    Plan to visit our Travel Medicine Services 4 to 6 weeks prior to your departure date. We need to see you at least 2 weeks prior to your departure at the minimum.

  • How can I find out what immunizations are recommended for my travel?

    You can visit the World Vaccines section of our website; click on the country you will be traveling and the vaccines that are recommended for travel will be revealed. These vaccines will also be discussed with you at the time of your consultation with ARC’s Travel Medicine Services.

  • What is the difference between required immunizations and recommended?

    A required vaccination is one for which formal proof of immunization is needed in order to enter a specific country. This immunization needs to be administered at least 10 days prior to entry. A recommended immunization is one that is suggested to protect travelers from illnesses while in the particular country, but is not required by any government for entry.

  • Do my children need vaccines?

    Children are at the same risk as adults for the diseases listed for each country and should be protected by immunizations. Some foreign travel immunizations cannot be given to infants and small children.

  • Can my whole family come at one time?

    Yes. Our Travel Medicine Services representative can assist you with scheduling your family’s appointments by calling 512-421-4865 and we will attempt to schedule a time convenient for the whole family.

  • How long will my appointment last?

    The consultation generally lasts about 30 minutes with an additional 10 minutes for immunizations. If there are several people in the family at the same appointment, there will be one consultation with everyone and then each family member will receive their immunizations. There are two immunizations that will require you remain in the clinic afterwards to ensure you do not have a reaction to them: japanese encephalitis (30 minute wait) and yellow fever (15-20 minute wait).

  • I grew up in the country I am visiting, and will be visiting family and friends. Why do I need immunizations?

    If you have lived in the U.S. for more than a few years, your immunity to infectious diseases in your home country has likely lapsed and immunizations can help keep you well during your visit. It is important to immunize your children born here prior to their visit abroad as they will be at higher risk of a variety of illnesses while staying in homes and neighborhoods than if they were staying in resort accommodations