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Prevent future spreads with child immunizations

Immunizations are a safe, effective way to protect children from diseases, including some cancers, as well as hospitalization, disability, and death. It is important to maintain routine immunizations during a pandemic or other public health emergency to prevent further outbreaks.

ARC pediatricians share a preventive approach to medical care and support immunizations, agreeing that for the safety of newborns and other immuno-compromised patients. (Vaccination policy and schedules)

Protect your child’s health against disease

The use of vaccines has led to major improvements in child health over a relatively short period. Many of the infectious illnesses you or your parents had as children, from chickenpox to polio to measles, no longer affect most children today. If you follow the immunization guidelines recommended ​by your ARC pediatrician, you can help make your child healthier than was ever possible in earlier generations.

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