When you are feeling sick, have a minor injury, or need to keep up with your health, you can access the medical care you need 365 days-a-year at Austin Regional Clinic. You can make appointments online anytime or schedule by phone 24/7. Same-Day appointments are available 7 days a week including nights and holidays. Here are other ways we help you stay connected to your care 24/7.


iconEasy Appointments

    • Same-Day & After Hours

      When you are feeling sick or have a minor injury, you can book a same-day appointment at any ARC primary care office or After Hours Clinic.

      • Why ARC instead of Urgent Care or ER? It can save you money (depending on your health plan), gives you easy access to your visit summary, and let’s your doctor review the visit notes easily. We can easily book at follow up with your doctor or book an appointment with a specialist.
      • When and where can you book? With 21 locations you can find appointments between 7:30am – 9:00pm M-F, and 8:00am – 5:00pm on weekends and holidays.
      • Who is welcome? Same-Day and After Hours visits are available to established and non-established patients.

      Always call 911 for emergencies including heart attack or stroke symptoms or go directly to the nearest hospital emergency room.

      Learn more about ARC After Hours Clinics.

    • 24/7 Scheduling

      You can book an appointment 24/7 by phone or online.

      • By Phone? Call any clinic and press “1” for an appointment.
      • Online? Go to ARCappointments.com and follow the instructions. We offer direct booking, online requests, and MyChart scheduling.

      Book an appointment

    • Direct Booking Online or via App

      We offer various ways for you to book your appointment without ever having to pick up a phone or wait for an email response.

      • New patient? Go to ARCappointments.com, click the [BOOK NOW] button, and follow the instructions.
      • Booking your child’s well-check? Go to ARCcheckup.com and new and established patients can book directly with their doctor.
      • Active on MyChart? You can book yourself almost any primary care appointment at MyChartARC.com or through the ARC MyChart app.

      Download the MyChart App:
      App Store Google Play

    • Clinics Near You

      We have 21 clinics in 8 cities, and we continue to grow with Central Texas. With centralized medical records, no matter where you book your appointment, your doctors will be connected to your health.

      Find an ARC clinic near you

    • On-site Lab & Radiology

      All ARC clinics offer on-site blood draw stations. Most clinics offer on-site radiology or provide the service at a nearby ARC. Both services, when on-site, are available at the time of your appointment.

      Find ARC radiology services near you

    • Multiple Specialties

      ARC has doctors board certified in 20 specialties including allergists, dermatologists, ENT doctors, orthopedists, and more. Our primary care physicians (PCPs) work closely with our medical specialists and clinical staff to provide you with coordinated care.

      Learn more about our specialties

iconConnected Care Team

      • MyChart Messaging

        Contact your care team securely for non-urgent issues, when and where it's convenient for you. You can message your primary care physician or any doctor you saw in the office in the last 18 months. We respond within 1-3 business days.

        Sign In to MyChart

      • 24/7 Phone Nurse

        Call your clinic and press "4" to speak with an experienced nurse when you or a family member is ill. Based on the symptoms you describe to us we can recommend treatment, book an appointment, or refer you to a specialist.

        Find your clinic phone number

      • Coordinated Care

        Coordinated care is an evidence-based model of health care that helps prevent illness and disease. Your primary care physician (PCP) works with you and other specialists you see, so you can meet your health goals and stay up to date on recommended screenings.

        Our coordinated care services include:

        • Chronic Care Nurse Navigators for patients with high risk and/or complex chronic medical issues who need extra nursing support.
        • Hospital/ER Transitions services to coordinate inpatient and emergency care and help you reconnect with your PCP after your hospital or ER visit.
        • Diabetes Nurse Navigator for patients with newly diagnosed diabetes or those who need extra guidance while managing their condition.

        Read more about Coordinated Care

      • Electronic Medical Records

        With ARC’s electronic medical record you have a single, secure medical record across all ARC locations. Your health information stays up-to-date and easy to access by any ARC doctor you see. Improved legibility, accuracy and completeness means improved quality and safety in patient care. You also have access to your medical records from ARC MyChart.

        Sign Up for MyChart at your next appointment or Sign In now

      • Health Reminders

        We help you stay up-to-date on your recommended screenings and tests. We send you reminders customized for your health needs and your communication preferences. If you have an ARC MyChart account you receive reminders there, if not you receive letters in them mail.

        Sign Up for MyChart at your next appointment or Sign In now

icon24/7 Health Online

      • ARC MyChart Patient Portal

        ARC MyChart is our patient portal that gives you direct, secure, and easy access to view your test results, medications and your personal health summary. You can request prescription refills, message your care team, book your own primary care appointments and even manage your loved ones health care. We’re doing what we can to improve your access and make health care easier.

        Sign Up for MyChart at your next appointment or Sign In now

      • Online Bill Pay

        Anybody can pay a bill online at ARCbillpay.com from an invoice with an account number. If you are the guarantor, the person financially responsible for anyone on your health plan, you can view past statements and pay your bill on ARC MyChart.

        Pay a bill

      • New Patient Registration

        If you are a new patient, you can save time and avoid delays at your first appointment when you pre-register online at RegisterARC.com.

        Register my new patient information

      • 24/7 Telemedicine Visits

        Sometimes you can’t wait to talk to your nurse or your doctor and you want immediate medical advice from an ARC doctor who has access to your records. We have a convenient telemedicine subscription service that gives you direct and immediate access to an ARC doctor 24/7/365. Sign up and instant message or video chat with one our doctors immediately.

        Learn more at eMDaccess.com