Austin Regional Clinic does not contract with any third party bill payment services. Some bill payment services, like, are advertising that they accept online payments for ARC without our permission. They also charge fees, receive your personal information, and may delay your payment.

Patients can easily and securely pay a bill, at no additional cost, through or Questions? Contact us at or call us during business hours at 512-407-8686.

COVID-19 Booster Update 4/2/22: The CDC and FDA have authorized a second COVID-19 booster shot for some individuals who may be at higher risk of severe outcomes from COVID-19. This group includes people over the age of 50 and individuals 12+ with immune compromise (Pfizer for 12+ and Moderna for 18+). All recipients must be least 4 months out from their first booster dose. Schedule online through ARC MyChart or by calling the ARC COVID-19 hotline at 866-453-4525. If you cannot find availability online, please wait a day and check again. We continue to open more slots. MyChart displays the schedule that phone schedulers use. Thank you for your patience.