Avoid Long Hold Times: Please use online tools for scheduling, bill pay, and registration to save time.

COVID-19 Vaccine Update 1/13/21: Thank you for your understanding as we try our best to keep our staff members and you updated about a rapidly changing local and nationwide vaccine distribution plan.

The most important message in today’s update is to encourage all of you to use any option to obtain your first dose of vaccine from any approved entity offering it.

  • Hub System: Texas Governor Abbott announced the new hub system Covid-19 vaccine distribution program on Monday. At this time, we have been notified that healthcare organizations in our area will NOT be designated as a hub.
  • No More First Doses at ARC: We expect NO NEW SUPPLIES of COVID-19 vaccine at ARC in the near future.
  • Second Dose for dose 1 recipients at ARC: We do expect to receive 8,000 second doses for the individuals who already received a first dose at ARC. Those individuals have either already been scheduled or if not, will be contacted for scheduling.

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