If your doctor referred you to a specialist, an authorized referral from your insurance may be required. Please wait until your referral has been processed before seeing the specialist.

If you need an extension of time or visits added to the authorization, please contact your doctor's office at least one week in advance of when you need the authorization. We cannot backdate referrals.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the referral process work?

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  • How long does it take for my referral to be processed?

    Our average processing time is 72 hours, however in some instances, it could take longer to obtain authorization depending on your insurance plan.

  • If I have a PPO insurance plan, do I need to wait for authorization from my insurance?

    No, PPO plans allow patients to see a specialist provider without obtaining authorization prior. Please note in certain situations or procedures, an authorization is needed.

  • If I have a HMO insurance plan, do I need to wait for authorization from my insurance?

    Yes, most HMO plans require a referral from your primary care provider prior to seeing a specialist provider.

  • How can I expedite this process?

    It is helpful to inform the doctor who your primary care physician is, if not the doctor referring you, that is listed on your insurance card. This is most important if you have a HMO plan. If you have preference on a specialist you would like to see, research who is in your network and let us know.

  • How do I find a specialist that’s in my network?

    • Call your insurance’s customer service number that is on the back of your insurance card.
    • Go directly to your insurance’s website.
  • How can I check my referral status?

    Referral statuses can be checked in MyChart under the Referrals tab. There are three different statuses; new, authorized, no authorization needed.

    • If your status displays New, this means that your referral is being processed.
    • If your status displays Authorized, this means that your referral has been authorized by your insurance and faxed to specialist.
    • If your status displays No Authorization Needed, this means authorization is not necessary from your insurance to see the specialist listed. Your referral has been faxed to the specialist.
  • Will the specialist call me to schedule an appointment?

    It is recommended you reach out to the Specialist to book an appointment time that is best for your schedule.

  • Is there a way I can contact the referrals department if I have a question in regards to my referral?

    Yes, a patient is able to contact the referral department through calling the ARC clinic that referred you and selecting "3" to speak with referrals.