Candela VBeam®

The Candela VBeam® is a versatile, non-invasive laser that treats a variety of skin conditions. It is gentle and safe, requiring little to no downtime. VBeam® laser treatment can treat rosacea and facial redness; enlarged facial veins; red spots such as hemangiomas; vascular birthmarks such as port-wine stains; red acne scars, stretch marks, thickened scars as well as sun spots and freckles.

Candela VBeam® laser treatment:

  • Safe & effective
  • Minimal downtime
  • Best for clients with redness issues

Candela VBeam® FAQs

  • How does Candela VBeam® laser treatment work?

    The Candela VBeam® laser is a modality used to treat lesions without damaging the surrounding tissues. Additionally, the VBeam® utilizes DCD (Dynamic Cooling Device) which is a burst of cryogen that protects the skin and provides anesthesia. It can take multiple treatments depending on the type of lesion being treated.

  • How long does Candela VBeam® laser treatment take?

    The Candela laser hair removal treatment can take as fast as few minutes to as long as an hour. It depends on the treatment area and the condition being treated.

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