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December 2022

  • Online booking made easy.
  • Have an ill, chill, or spill over the holidays? We’re open!
  • New year, new insurance? Don’t forget to let us know.
  • Should you enroll in an ARC Clinical Research trial?
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October 2022

  • Appointment reminders and online registration in one text.
  • Grow your career at ARC.
  • Join a clinical research study.
  • Do not pay your ARC bill via third-party billing services.
  • Watch for big changes to the website.

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August 2022

  • Long hold times? Try these online tools for faster access.
  • Well checks and records made easy.
  • COVID-19 vaccines for our youngest patients.
  • New ARC Rheumatology clinical research studies.

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May 2022

  • Save time online with MyChart.
  • Stay on track with ARC Healthiness.
  • Join a research study.
  • Reach feeding goals with a lactation consultant.

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