About ARC

Accessible, reliable, and convenient defines the Austin Regional Clinic success story. One of the largest multi-specialty medical groups in Central Texas, our diverse and multi-lingual healthcare professionals in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, as well as specialties including General Surgery, Orthopedics, Cardiology, and others, offer same-day care and evidenced-based treatments in a wide number of friendly, attentive and inclusive clinics throughout the region.

    • Access amplified

      Multiple locations, same-day appointments, 24/7 appointment scheduling, and after hours clinics mean prompt, easy, efficient access for you. Our multilingual physicians, staff, and all night phone nurses deliver compassionate care when you need it. View lab reports, test results, immunization records, and billing information all online and receive better access to your doctor and your data with our Electronic Medical Records system (EMR) and MyChart. We accept over 50 insurance plans and strive to provide reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities and appropriate access to the services provided by ARC. It's accessibility amplified, and it's for you.

    • Reliability required

      Long established physicians or rising stars, ARC doctors, and medical staff are constantly expanding their skills. Well supported administratively and technologically, our physicians have the time and resources to attend to both their patients and their practice. Required continuing education, opportunities to master new medical advances, and access to a wide range of healthcare resources (some which are also available to you), guarantee our healthcare providers practice up-to-date, evidence-based medicine you can trust.

    • Convenience counts

      Need help now? We'll provide it. Same-day appointments, 24/7 appointment scheduling, all night phone nurses, and after hours clinics with openings on evenings, weekends, and holidays assure ARC is on the job, assisting you 24/7/365. Book an appointment. Or access your MyChart account from any computer or mobile device with Internet access. That's convenience where and when it counts.

  • Mission

    Austin Regional Clinic's mission is to provide coordinated, comprehensive, accessible health care to individuals and families in Central Texas, with sensitivity to the cost of that care. We believe that each doctor/patient relationship is unique. We are committed to high professional standards in providing personalized care and promoting healthy lifestyles.

  • Values

    At ARC, we value an honest healthcare relationship with a medical team that offers continuous and comprehensive care, which means ARC patients receive our full attention and our complete menu of 24/7 personalized services. Whether you need primary or chronic care, your ARC medical team is there for you.

  • Our Leadership

    In 1980, Norman H. Chenven, MD, founded Austin Regional Clinic, one of the oldest and largest physician-owned health care providers in the Central Texas area. Today, Founding CEO, Dr. Chenven, President & CEO, Dr. Daghestani, and expert medical and administrative leadership oversee a multispecialty medical group with more than 35 clinics spanning across 15 cities. With leadership embracing both quality healthcare and innovation, ARC now serves approximately 700,000 Central Texans.

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ARC at a Glance

  • 450+ Physicians & Clinicians
  • 2.5K Providers & Staff
  • 15 Cities
  • 36+ Clinic Locations

Our Quality Commitment

Austin Regional Clinic's approach to service excellence is based on the following values in our daily practice. These apply to interactions with everyone we view as customers, including patients, staff, physicians, vendors, and the greater community.

Peer and patient reviews

Holding our physicians, clinicians, nurses, and staff to professional standards of medical care is our quality commitment to you. Their performances, and your satisfaction, are monitored on a regular basis through peer review, patient surveys, focus groups, and the information you share with us during and after appointments.

Advanced medical education

ARC doctors, nurses, and staff regularly participate in continuing medical education programs to maintain and strengthen their skills. Pursuing these learning opportunities with knowledgeable professionals from across the country inspires our healthcare providers to bring medicine's latest advancements such as robotic and incision-free surgery, 4-D imagery, infusion therapies, and other innovative services to ARC and you.

Best practices

ARC's physicians practice evidence-based medicine to make the most informed decisions about your care. This method assures our patients' ARC providers are applying available scientific research when managing their health care.