Child being fitted for an ear mold

ARC Ear Mold Products

Working in an industry that exposes your ears to loud noises can affect your hearing. This is true for musicians and construction workers who can experience noise-induced hearing loss.

You can protect your hearing with custom-made hearing protection ear molds or ear plugs. Ear molds are custom-made in-the-ear devices that protect your hearing with noise-canceling abilities and channel and amplify sound.

Custom-fit hearing instrument earpieces provide comfortable and highly effective sound transmission to the ear for many different uses, from concerts to hunting, construction, and motorsports.

Styles vary according to the level of hearing loss and the style of hearing aids with which they're paired. An ARC audiologist will work with you to determine the correct size and ear mold shape that would work best for your needs.

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Hearing Problems

Hearing Problems

Hearing problems could be an early sign of hearing loss. This can include changes in noise volume around you and trouble understanding others when they talk.

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