New & Established Patient Registration

ARC offers multiple ways to collect necessary personal and health information before your appointment. Registering or updating your personal health information in advance allows us to confirm your coverage and saves you 15-30 minutes on the day of your scheduled appointment.

Information needed for registering or updating patient information

To register or update your information with us, you’ll need the following patient information:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Driver's license or government-issued ID
  • Health plan card

On the day of your visit

Please check in at the front desk on the day of your visit to complete the registration process. The final steps for registration include:

  • Scanning or confirming your government-issued ID and insurance card. Please bring both every time you have an appointment.
  • Reviewing submitted information.
  • Signing necessary paperwork.
  • Making necessary payments.

Registration Options

Register on ARC MyChart

  • Complete your Pre-Visit Steps in ARC MyChart before your appointment, which includes updating your personal and health plan information.


  • Log in to your MyChart account.
  • Click on the Insurance Summary tab from the dropdown menu for insurance updates (allow 2-3 business days for changes to display).
  • Click on the Personal Information tab from the dropdown menu for personal information updates (allow 24 hours for changes to display).

Register by text

  • You will receive a registration text up to three days before your appointment.
  • Confirm your appointment and follow the prompts to register. You will be asked to complete information via your smartphone if you are not active on MyChart. Expect it to take about 5-10 minutes to complete.
  • Provide registration information and submit a photo of your ID and health insurance card.

Register by phone

Call ARC Central Registration at least three days before your appointment at 512-407-8686.

Monday - Friday 7:30am - 9:00pm
Saturday & Sunday 7:30am - 5:00pm