There are typically two types of hand injuries presented to orthopedists, on-going pain due to arthritis and traumatic hand injury. Most injuries from arthritis pain to dislocating a joint or fracturing a bone require orthopedic care to restore the hand to complete functionality.

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With over 27 bones in each hand, all connected by joints and supported by tendons and muscles, we can expect at least one orthopedic injury in our hands during our lifetime. Utilizing our hands to perform just about everything from dialing a phone to starting a car, we tend to leave them more open to injury.

What are the signs of arthritis in hands?

Signs of arthritis can include stiffness, swelling, loss of motion and pain. In some cases, bony nodules may develop around the joints. Although arthritis can affect any joint in the body, it is most visible in the hands and fingers. Arthritis can be both painful and disabling, affecting our ability to grasp and the general strength in our hands.

Treatment for arthritis is designed to relieve pain and restore functions. Decisions on methods of treatment depend upon the type or arthritis and its progress. Options physicians may use include anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, and surgery to alleviate pressure or replace the joint.

What are symptoms of broken bones in the hand?

Signs of broken bones include swelling, tenderness, deformity, inability to move the finger, depressed knuckles, shortened fingers, and changes in the directions fingers point. Traumatic hand injury is usually the other cause of hand pain complaints. Fractures of the bone are most common and if left untreated can cause long-term pain and loss of movement.

X-rays are the best way to determine fractures and breaks and usually these problems can be realigned without surgery, although a cast or splint is needed to immobilize the fracture until it heals.

Amputations of the finger are also common, usually the tips of the finger are injured because they are the last to be pulled out of harms way. Depending on the extent of the amputation doctors can usually replace tissue with a full expectation of recovery.

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