ARC Nurture North Ob/Gyn offers full-spectrum obstetrics and gynecological care in a collaborative setting with Certified Nurse Midwives.

What is a midwife?

Midwife means “with women”. Certified Nurse Midwives are licensed independent healthcare providers with a master’s degree in nursing. They are trained to provide healthcare for women, including during pregnancy. They can also attend and support women through normal vaginal deliveries.

Is midwifery regulated?

The broad designation of midwife is not regulated. There are two categories of midwives: Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs or lay midwives) and Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs). Lay midwives usually enter a 24 to 34-month apprentice-based training program with a high school diploma or GED as a prerequisite. They do not have formal post-secondary science, healthcare or nursing education. They deliver babies outside of the hospital setting without physician collaboration. Certified Nurse Midwives are midwives who have a bachelor’s degree in nursing as well as an advanced degree such as a master’s degree in midwifery and/or a doctorate in nursing practice (DNP). They are licensed by the American Midwifery Certification Board and regulated in Texas by the Texas Board of Nursing. They can attend deliveries within or outside of the hospital setting.

The midwives at ARC Nurture North are Certified Nurse Midwives, not CPMs.

In 2011, ACOG and ACNM released a joint statement emphasizing the value of maternal care practices where Ob/Gyns and Certified Nurse Midwives work together. We believe this model offers the safest and best quality of care for our patients and their babies.

Do ARC Nurture North Ob/Gyn Certified Nurse Midwives deliver in the hospital?

Yes! All of our patients will deliver at St. David’s North Austin Medical Center either via a Certified Nurse Midwife or Ob/Gyn. ARC Nurture North Ob/Gyn does not offer at home or birthing center delivery.

What does a collaborative doctor/certified nurse midwife model mean?

We at ARC Nurture North Ob/Gyn are a team. We work together to support you through your pregnancy and delivery as well as through other stages of life. We encourage all pregnant patients to see both our midwives as well as our physicians during their prenatal visits.