Your hearing is one of your most valuable assets - hearing connects you to your friends and family, and the world around you. ARC offers a wide selection of hearing aids so that you don’t miss out on any moments.

To determine what kind of hearing aid is an optimum fit for your needs, make an online appointment with an audiologist, or call 512-272-4636, for a hearing evaluation. If there is hearing loss, an ARC audiologist will work with you on the best hearing aid options for your needs.

Below is a sampling of hearing aid products that we offer. ARC carries a variety of hearing aid devices, including the Oticon brand, which has led the effort to make hearing technology a more natural-sounding and transparent part of life. Oticon hearing instruments, with BrainHearing™ technology, are designed for your brain, supporting the hard work it does. So you hear better, with less effort. Anywhere. Anytime.

  • Performance


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    Hear more anywhere, anytime, with the ultimate performance of Alta2. The next-generation BrainHearing™ technology gives your brain what it needs to make sense of sound for a more natural, effortless hearing experience. Alta2 provides up to 20% improvement in understanding soft speech, so you'll be able to hear more of the subtle nuances of a conversation.


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    Nera2 provides its users with advanced listening performance and can be adjusted to the individual's listening preferences. New in the mid-priced segment is the VAC+ rationale, which allows factoring in differences in loudness perception and optimizing the listening experience for soft sounds.


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    Ria2 provides all the essentials you need for better hearing – at an affordable price. Ria2's next-generation BrainHearing™ technology gives your brain what it needs to make sense of sound for a more natural, effortless hearing experience.

  • Tinnitus

    SenseiTinnitus Products

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    For many patients, amplification is an effective first step in managing their tinnitus. For this reason, we have integrated Tinnitus SoundSupport into our proven Performance Line families, known for their outstanding sound quality and technologies which support the way the brain works. Available in Alta2 Pro Ti, Nera2 Pro Ti and Ria2 Pro Ti.

  • Children


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    Oticon’s new hearing aid for children empowers children with hearing loss from infant to teenager with high speech understanding. Delivering high performance speech understanding even in complex environments, Sensei offers impressive flexibility in its adaptability to daily needs of every child with hearing loss.

  • Accessories

    SenseiConnect Line

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    ConnectLine provides a powerful but simple-to-use wireless connectivity system, providing patients enhanced phone conversations, TV, music, and computer enjoyment and better one-on-one communication. The ConnectLine App for iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® and Android™ devices provides a complete Oticon hearing solution that delivers excellent sound quality. The App’s user-friendly interface allows your patients discreet volume control and seamless toggling between programs at the touch of a finger. With the help of Streamer Pro, your patients will be able to access nearly any Bluetooth compatible device at the touch of a button. This wireless solution is compatible with all Oticon wireless hearing instruments and styles.

    SenseiWireless Remote Control

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    Discreet and convenient, the Oticon Remote Control allows users to adjust volume and switch between programs on Oticon wireless instruments. Easy to carry, the Remote Control is ideal for patients with designRITE or wireless custom instruments. It provides discreet control and is also a smart option a smart option for patients who have difficulty with small buttons.