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What is Optifast®

OPTIFAST® is a physician-supervised, total meal replacement program. It is a thoroughly studied, medically created liquid formula plan to help you lose weight and improve your health. This weight loss program includes monthly follow-ups with a physician or nurse practitioner based on the individual’s situation and weekly health guide check-in.

Additionally, you have the option to combine this service with medication management services provided by the ARC Healthiness Program.

Phases of Optifast® program

The OPTIFAST® program at ARC is broken up into 3 stages:

First 16 weeks - active weight loss - Participants will take at least 5 OPTIFAST® shakes daily.

Weeks 16-24 - transition phase - Participants are guided through the transition meal plan. Self-prepared foods are gradually added back into the diet.

Week 24 - You will continue to work with your physician or nurse practitioner, health guide, and dietitian (if applicable) to determine a plan based on your situation.

Throughout the OPTIFAST® program participants attend weekly weigh-ins and have monthly doctor visits.

Healthiness + OPTIFAST® pricing

Costs and fees for the OPTIFAST® include:

  • Annual fee - $150 due at first visit, covers weekly visits with a health guide for one year

Shake prices

  • OPTIFAST® powder $27/box (7 shakes)
  • OPTIFAST® ready to drink (RTD) $110 (24 shakes)
  • OPTIFAST® soup $30 (7 soups)
  • OPTIFAST® nutritional bars $30 (7 bars)

Medical costs are billed to insurance and subject to plan details or self-pay and enrollment fees, and Optifast meal replacements are out of pocket.

Medical services and billing

In-network insurance billing

  • If your insurance is in network with ARC, monthly doctor visits will be billed to your insurance on file. You will be responsible for copays and anything your insurance does not cover.

Out-of-network insurance billing

  • If your insurance is out of network or your claim is denied, you are eligible for the medical services self-pay discount. Please call our billing office for details at 512-407-8686.

Insurance coverage

Insurance coverage varies depending on your policy. Some plans may cover the cost of the doctor visits, lab work, and EKG minus copay.

ARC cannot bill insurance for OPTIFAST® products or enrollment fees.