Ideal Protein

Woman preparing a healthy meal to reach her weight loss and health goals

What is Ideal Protein

Ideal Protein is a medically supervised meal replacement program consisting of partial meal replacements, vitamin and mineral supplements, and conventional food. This weight loss program includes monthly follow-ups with a physician or nurse practitioner based on the individual’s situation and weekly health guide check-in.

Patients must receive medical clearance from a Healthiness physician or nurse practitioner before starting the program. Additionally, you have the option to combine this service with medication management services provided by the ARC Healthiness Program.

Phases of Ideal Protein program

  • Phase 1: Ideal Protein meal replacement for breakfast, lunch, and snack with dinner of lean protein and select vegetables.
  • Phase 2: Ideal Protein meal replacement for breakfast and snack with lunch and dinner of lean protein and select vegetables.
  • Phase 3: Complex carbohydrates are introduced for breakfast with lean protein and select vegetables for lunch and dinner. Ideal protein product for a snack.
  • Phase 4: Balance of protein, complex carbohydrates, and leafy green vegetables for all meals and snacks. Ideal Protein products can be used for snack or breakfast.

Phase 1 Ideal Protein daily food intake

During phase 1 of the Ideal Protein program, you will be expected to intake the following amounts of food daily:

  • 3 Ideal Protein items (purchased from ARC)
  • 4 cups of select vegetables
  • 3 - 6oz cooked lean protein (self-purchased)
  • 2 tsp oil (self-purchased)
  • As much or as little ‘unlimited vegetables’ (self-purchased)

As you progress, you will move to phases 2, 3, and 4 as instructed by your health guide. Each phase will remove meal replacements and add more conventional food.

Daily vitamin and mineral supplement intake

Daily vitamin and mineral supplement intake for the Ideal Protein program:

  • Calcium Magnesium - 4 pills OR 2 chews per day

  • Ideal Salt - 1/4 tsp per day OR Sea Salt (self-purchased)

  • Multi-Vitamin - 2 per day

  • Omega-3 Plus - 2 per day

  • Potassium - 1 per day**

**If you are taking diuretics, you will be instructed by your physician/NP to skip Potassium and Ideal Salt and instead take ¼ tsp of Redmond’s salt**

Ideal Protein pricing

Cost and fee frequency for the Ideal Protein program at ARC:

  • Annual fee - $150 due at first visit, covers weekly visits with a health guide for one year
  • Meal replacements & supplements - paid for on an as-needed basis
  • Medical services with physician/ NP, including labs/EKG - billed to your insurance plan and subject to your policy copays, deductibles, etc

The cost of Ideal Protein will offset your normal grocery bill as much of your daily intake is Ideal Protein meal replacements purchased from the clinic, and you are only purchasing lean protein and vegetables from the grocery store.

First appointment cost examples

Out-of-pocket costs and fees for your first Ideal Protein appointment, in addition to medical costs, include:

  • $150 annual payment, due at your first visit

Supply pricing

  • Starter bag - $135

Supplements (30-day supply)

Total supplement costs add up to $101. Here's the breakdown:

  • Cal mag - $22
  • Potassium (60-day supply) - $12

  • Omega 3 (30-day supply) - $32

  • Multivitamin (30-day supply) - $30

  • Ideal Salt (roughly 1-year supply) - $5

This also includes co-payment or medical costs.

Ongoing appointment cost examples

After your first appointment, costs may include 3 Ideal Protein Items per day. Breaking down to:

  • $429/30 days or
  • $107/7 days or
  • $15/1 day

Supplements are only purchased every 30-60 days.

Keep in mind your grocery bill will decrease significantly as you only need to purchase conventional protein and select unlimited vegetables.

Medical services and billing

In-network insurance billing

  • If your insurance is in network with ARC, monthly doctor visits will be billed to your insurance on file. You will be responsible for copays and anything your insurance does not cover.

Out-of-network insurance billing

  • If your insurance is out of network or your claim is denied, you are eligible for the medical services self-pay discount. Please call our billing office for details at 512-407-8686.

Insurance coverage

Insurance coverage varies depending on your policy. Some plans may cover the cost of the doctor visits, lab work, and EKG minus copay.

ARC cannot bill insurance for Ideal Protein products or enrollment fees.