Timely texts, communication preferences, two-factor authentication

ARC is now sending text messages (SMS) directly from our electronic medical record (EMR) system. Messages display the SMS code number 27903. We aim to improve patient communications and services by providing timely and convenient updates regarding billing, scheduling, appointment notifications, and more.

Along with expanded text message services, MyChart users are also opted-in to two-factor authentication (2FA), with codes sent via SMS as well. You can fine-tune your text message options in MyChart to ensure you get the notifications you want.

You will continue to receive text messages from other ARC code numbers for registration, appointments, after-visit surveys, and weather emergencies.

Timely text messages

Most established ARC patients have already opted in to receive text messages and already receive appointment confirmation and some health reminder texts. If you have not opted in, you can do so 3 ways:

  • By text: Send a text message with the word "START" to 27903 to opt-in. ​
  • Through MyChart: Go to Your Menu > Communication Preferences to opt-in and customize your text message preferences. If you have already opted in, the Text message line will be toggled on and green.
  • At your next call or visit: On the phone with registration or during check-in, let staff know you would like to opt-in for text messages, and they can assist.

Customize your communication preferences

  1. Go to Your Menu.
  2. Click on Communication Preferences.
  3. Verify that your email and phone number are listed correctly in Contact Information. If you need to make changes, click on “Review contact information.”
  4. Click on a category to adjust your preferences.
  5. You can personalize how you receive your notifications. Click on Advanced Settings for even more control.
    Please note: Some notification options will be locked to ensure that you still receive them, as they are important to your care at ARC and cannot be turned off completely.

Two-factor authentication

All MyChart users will be automatically opted-in to two-factor authentication. For safety and security, this cannot be turned off.

  1. At login, MyChart will send a text with a security code to your listed mobile number to verify your identity.
  2. Enter the code and check the box to Skip this step next time. You can log in without a new code for 30 days. After 30 days, you’ll receive a text code at your next login to verify your identity.
  3. Click Verify.

If you choose to opt out of text messages from 27903, you will continue to receive text messages from other ARC SMS code numbers and email or physical mail communications based on your listed communication preferences. You will still receive texts for two-factor authentication as well. ARC billing will also send emails about balances if you opt out of texts.