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MyChart Features

New ARC MyChart features include:

  1. eCheck-inUpdate your personal and health information, and sign necessary paper work prior to arriving at your appointment. Please note that you will need to still present yourself at the check-in desk to complete the process and notify staff you have arrived.   

  2. Share EverywhereSend a code to another doctor or a loved one so they can securely and easily view and download your health records.    

  3. Happy TogetherView your MyChart health information from other organizations in your ARC MyChart account. Just connect your accounts to see information on visit summaries, test results and more.    

  4. Instant Activation: Receive an email that allows you to instantly activate your MyChart account, if you are not already active. You can add your email address to your account at check-in to launch your instant activation.   

Current ARC MyChart features include:

  1. Login and Password Reminders:
    Get your login and password reminders on the ARC MyChart App as you have always been able to do on the web.

  2. Upcoming and Past Appointments:
    See all of your appointments, past and future, on one page. You can also filter the view and drill down on all items to see more details. Learn more.

  3. Reschedule Appointments:
    Reschedule most primary care appointments from the Appointment Details page of an upcoming appointment. Learn more.

  4. Add to Calendar:
    Click the Add to Calendar link on any upcoming appointment to add the appointment to your digital calendar. This has always been available on the mobile app.

  5. After Visit Summary:
    Read your after visits summary more easily with the improved color-coded layout and design. Learn more.

  6. My Plan of Care:
    This is a new section that helps remind you what your doctor explained in the visit and helps you track your goals. Learn more.

  7. View Scanned Results:
    When you receive test results from outside labs, you can now see them on your Test Results page in ARC MyChart.

  8. Direct Scheduling for Well-Woman Exam:
    Schedule a Well-Woman Exam with your Ob/Gyn physician via ARC MyChart. Learn more.

  9. Activation in an Instant for Caretaker Access:
    It's easier for patients who would like to have caretaker access for a child or an adult to activate their caretaker accounts from their smart devices in the exam room. Ask your nurse about Caretaker Access and Activation in an Instant.

  10. Define Scheduling Preferences:
    If you prefer your appointments on Wednesday afternoons, you can set up those scheduling preferences in Settings > Other Preferences and choose to use them when you schedule in MyChart. Scheduling staff may also use them when they schedule your appointments. Learn more.

If you are not yet active on MyChart, please ask your doctor or nurse to activate your account at your next visit.