Messaging in ARC MyChart

We have made getting in touch with us even easier by improving our Messaging options in ARC MyChart. With ARC MyChart Messaging, you can send a message to your care team or customer service, request a prescription renewal, or even receive referral letters from your doctor.

How to use Messaging on ARC MyChart

  1. Navigate to Messaging and hover your mouse over the [Messaging] Icon to view your messaging options.

How to navigate Messaging Guidance

  1. Click on Message in your menu bar.
  2. Click on Messaging Guidance. The Important Information page displays.
  3. Read the Important Information About MyChart Messages and click Accept.
  4. Select the category that best matches what you are looking for and click Continue. You may be asked follow-up questions.
  5. You will be directed through various decision trees to reach the best place to complete your message, or you will be given additional instructions.

    Follow links to next steps: The purple links in the messaging guidance take you to the next action or to a page of instructions. The blue underlined links take you to a page on the ARC website or another website.

View previous conversations and other types of messages

You can view past conversations and automated messages like appointment messages by checking your inbox.

  1. Click on Your Menu.
  2. Click on Inbox.
  3. View past messages, or select a category on the left side to view other types of messages.

How to send a message to your provider/care team in ARC MyChart

Ask your care team a simple medical question that doesn't require an immediate response.

  1. Select Medical Question.
  2. Read the "Message Your Care Team" Disclaimer and click on the "I accept and understand the above explanation" button.
  3. Select Your Recipient and Subject.
  4. Type your Message. *There is a 500-character limit for messages.
  5. Once you are done composing your message, select Send. Your message will be forwarded to your care team.

How to send a customer service request in ARC MyChart

Ask questions related to a bill or insurance, get MyChart help, or give us feedback.

  1. Select Customer Service Question.
  2. Type your Subject and select a subject category from Regarding.
  3. Type your Message. *There is a 500-character limit for messages.
  4. Once you are done composing your message, select Send. Your message will be forwarded to your care team.

How to request a prescription renewal in ARC MyChart

Request a prescription renewal from your doctor's office.

  1. Select Rx Renewal Request.
  2. Select the medication(s) you would like to renew. When you choose a medication, you will be able to enter comments for that medication. Please contact your pharmacy for a prescription refill.
  3. Select Send.

How to access referrals in ARC MyChart

Easily access and print your referrals.

  1. Select Referral Message.
  2. To view the details of a referral, select the link in the Referred By column.
  3. To ask a question about a referral, check the box next to the referral and select Referral Question.
  4. Write your question/message. *There is a 500-character limit for messages.
  5. Select Send.

How to access letters in ARC MyChart

Read, download, or print completed referrals, doctor's notes, and other communications.

Completed referrals, doctor's notes, and other communications will be listed under "Letters."

  1. Select Letters.
  2. To choose a letter, select the link in the Date Column.

How to check nurse call history in ARC MyChart

Displays calls between you and your care team as well as communication between the provider and clinical staff regarding your care. The details from inter-clinical calls may not display.

  1. Select Nurse Calls.
  2. To view details for a specific call, select that call by clicking on it.

Do you have the MyChart App?

You can send a message to your provider through the app! *Not all messaging options are available on the app.