How to share health information using Share Everywhere

What is Share Everywhere in ARC MyChart?

Share Everywhere allows you to send a one-time use code to another doctor or a loved one so they can securely and easily view and download your health records.

How do I share health records using Share Everywhere?

  1. Click on Your Menu and select Share Everywhere under the Sharing section.
  2. Enter the name of the person, provider, or family member you would like to provide access to. Click Request Share Code
  3. Provide the share code to the person you are sharing your record with. The website to retrieve the record is
    *Share code expires after 1 hour. The person you share your code with will also need your date of birth. If the incorrect date of birth is entered three times, the code is invalidated.

The information that is shared is available for one-time use. The access is closed once the page is closed.