Please read if you have been assigned a video visit. Video visits are assigned by an ARC doctor.

Prepare for a video visit by downloading the MyChart app from the app store on your phone. Click here for instructions on downloading the MyChart app.

Watch the video or read the instructions below for more information.


Start preparing for your video visit beforehand, especially if it’s your first video visit:

  1. Use cellular data or Wi-Fi – depending on what gives you the strongest signal – to minimize technical issues.
  2. Use the MyChart app instead of the web site for a better experience.
  3. Click on the appointments Icon. 
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  4. Select the Video Visit and review details of your visit.
  5. Test your connection using the [Test Video] button.

Next, please do the following on your scheduled appointment:

  1. Click on the notification icon and select “Begin your video visit with ...”
  2. Click [Begin Visit]

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  3. Place the phone in a stationary position to prevent movement.
  4. Verify that you can see yourself in the lower portion of your screen.
  5. Please wait for your Physician to join. He/She may be finishing up a visit and you should remain waiting until your physician joins.

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