Scheduling an appointment with your provider just got a whole lot easier!

Now you have total control to select multiple locations and providers to find the first available appointment that works for you. Scheduling an appointment takes five easy steps.

How to Schedule an Appointment using MyChart

Navigate to the make an appointment page by clicking then visits icon then select schedule appointment.

mychart top bar
  1. Select your reason for visit
  2. Select your location
  3. Pick your provider
  4. Select your appointment time
  5. Confirm and Schedule

Can’t find the right appointment? Now you can select multiple providers and locations. Just click edit at the top of the locations and providers column and select multiple locations and providers to find the appointment that works best for you.


Select multiple locations:
Select Multiple Providers
select multiple providers
Select your Appointment
select appointment time

Once you select your appointment, confirm the details and click schedule!