It is now easier for parents to request access to their child’s MyChart account, without filling out any paperwork, as long as the parent has an ARC MyChart account of their own. The parent just fills out and submits an online request from their MyChart account.

    1. Hover over Profile and click Personalize. The Personalize page will display whose records you have access to and who has access to your record.

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    1. Scroll down until you see the question “Are you a parent or guardian?” and click Request access to minor’s record. The request form will display.

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    1. Fill out the form and click [Submit Request]. The request will be sent to the clinic and staff will review it before access is granted.

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  1. Once access is granted the parent or guardian will receive a notification in their MyChart inbox.


What You Will See

Child caregiver access applies to dependent accounts for children between the ages of 0-17. Once you are granted child caregiver access to your child’s account, the amount of access to your loved one’s account will depend on age.

Please note the following age range limitations for MyChart. These age range limitations do not affect any legal right you have to access your child’s record by other means. To request a paper copy of your child’s record, contact your child’s primary care clinic or download the Release of Information form.

  • AGES 0-11: You will be granted full access to your child’s MyChart record.
  • AGES 12-17: Minors have the right to consent to certain health care without parental consent under the Texas Family Code. HIPAA requires the physician to maintain the confidentiality of the care provided to a minor under those conditions. Proxy access for patients in this age group will provide parental access to include the following areas:
    • Immunization records
    • Appointment scheduling and viewing of future and past appointments
    • Lab Results, excluding sensitive test results
    • Clinical Messaging
    • Billing Summaries for account guarantors
  • AGE 18: You will no longer have access to your child’s MyChart record.