Scheduling an appointment with a doctor is easy through ARC MyChart. You can schedule the following appointment types:

  • Illness & Injury, Daytime: Same-Day Visit for urgent health needs
  • Illness & Injury, Nights & Weekends: Illness & Injury Visit at an ARC After Hours Clinic
  • New or Ongoing Problem: Office Visit for a new ongoing health problem
  • Follow Up: Office Visit for a health issue already discussed
  • Hospital Follow Up: Office Visit following a hospital visit or stay
  • ADHD Follow Up: Office Visit to reevaluate ADD medications
  • Adult Physical (18+ non Medicare): Preventive Care Visit for adults
  • Well Woman (15+): Preventive Care Visit including breast and pelvic examinations
  • Orthopedics: Office Visit for sports injury or musculoskeletal issues
  • Dermatology: Office Visit for a health issue with skin, hair, or nails


1. To get started, hover your mouse over the [Visits] icon and select Schedule Appointment.

2. Select the button that best describes your reason for visit or medical specialty.

3. Review and verify your demographics are correct. Click Continue.

4. Depending on the visit, a questionnaire will display to assist you in scheduling the correct appointment.

5. Choose the clinic where the appointment should be scheduled. You can choose multiple clinics if necessary.

6. Choose the provider to schedule the appointment with. You will also be able to choose preferred dates and times to search.

7. Select the date and time for the appointment.

8. After you choose an appointment time, type your symptoms in the provided text box and select Make Appointment.

You can also schedule an appointment through the MyChart App! Don't have the ARC MyChart App? Download it today - available on the App store or GooglePlay!