If you are a guarantor for their account and have a balance, you can access MyChart Billing to pay bills, view past statements, set up paperless billing and view an outstanding balance. 

How to find Online Bill Pay in ARC MyChart

  1. After login, the patient navigates to [Your Menu] and clicks Billing Summary. 

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  2. If a patient is a guarantor AND has a balance on their account, they can click View Details & Pay Bill.

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  3. The Account Details page will display. They can click the Pay Now button to pay the bill.

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  • If you have multiple visits with outstanding balances, you can choose which visit to apply payment to.
  • ANYONE can still pay a bill online from an invoice with a guarantor account # at www.ARCbillpay.com.
  • You can pay a bill online by using a credit/debit card or check.

Paying with a check in ARC MyChart

There are three groups of numbers at the bottom of every check that you'll need if you're paying by check in MyChart. Here's what they mean:

  • The first group of numbers is the routing number.
  • The second group of numbers is the account number.
  • The third group of numbers is the check number.

routing, account, and check numbers on a check

Please make sure to enter your check information correctly or the payment will not be processed.