If you are a guarantor for their account and have a balance, you can access MyChart Billing to pay bills, view past statements, set up paperless billing and view an outstanding balance. 

  1. After login, the patient navigates to the [Billing and Insurance] tab and click Account Summary/Bill Pay

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  2. If a patient is a guarantor AND has a balance on their account, they can click View Details & Pay Bill.

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  3. The Account Details page will display. They can click the Pay Now button to pay the bill.

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  • If a patient's account has been sent to collections, this balance will not appear on the mymedicalme.com billing portal.
  • If you have multiple visits with outstanding balances, you can choose which visit to apply payment to.
  • ANYONE can still pay a bill online from an invoice with an account # at www.ARCbillpay.com.