Top ten tips to manage cedar fever

Top ten tips to manage cedar fever

Every year, in late December, many Texans begin experiencing a sudden onslaught of severe cedar pollen allergies, or cedar fever. With cedar pollen prevalent, particularly on windy, rain-free days, what measures can be taken to combat this allergen and protect our well-being?

Hetu Y. Parekh, MD, ARC Allergy and Asthma specialist, recently shared some tips with Spectrum News on what he tells his patients to help them survive cedar season.

Here are Dr. Parekh's top 10 tips on managing cedar season allergies:

  1. Wash hair before bedtime to remove cedar pollen and minimize allergies during sleep.
  2. Use a saline rinse like NeilMed Sinus Rinse, especially at bedtime, to wash out cedar pollen from nasal passages and maintain proper membrane moisture.
  3. Monitor weather and pollen forecasts, choosing indoor activities on dry, windy days with high pollen counts.
  4. Keep windows closed to avoid exposing your living space to cedar pollen during the night.
  5. Schedule out-of-town trips in January to escape cedar season allergies.
  6. Take allergy medications consistently, starting before the season begins, and use them daily to prevent symptoms from worsening.
  7. Maintain regular use of asthma medications for optimal control.
  8. Avoid cutting down cedars, as it won't reduce overall pollen counts due to the windborne nature of cedar pollen.
  9. Note that consuming local honey is ineffective against cedar allergies, as cedar pollen is windborne and not carried by bees or flying insects.
  10. Eat tortilla soup; it might work. Eating hot tortilla soup is a popular folklore remedy around central Texas. The steam and humidity would likely be helpful with symptoms of the moment, like when you eat chicken soup. But, sorry to say, it won't help in the long run.

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