Raspberry leaf tea and pregnancy

Pregnant woman drinking raspberry leaf tea

Red raspberry leaf tea has been touted for its benefits for both increasing fertility and inducing labor. Regardless of which reason you might be drinking it, there are some important factors to consider.

Raspberry leaf tea and fertility

"There is some information floating out there about raspberry leaf tea ‘priming' the uterus, increasing blood supply to the uterus, etc., and this could make a more favorable uterus for achieving pregnancy," said Crystal S. Berry-Roberts, MD, MBA, FACOG, Ob/Gyn at ARC South Ob/Gyn in this recent article in Romper.com. However, Dr. Berry-Roberts takes care to note that these claims are "not scientifically substantiated or proven to be true."

Raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy

So, is it safe to drink red raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy? Though Dr. Berry-Roberts notes that red raspberry leaf tea's ability to kickstart labor is not yet definitively proven, she says that the tea "should be avoided in early pregnancy or while preterm (before 37 weeks) because of the potential effect of softening the cervix and inducing labor."

"The safety of herbal supplements, in general, is not something regulated by the FDA, and therefore the ‘safety' of raspberry leaf tea in pregnancy is unclear," Dr. Berry-Roberts says. "We do not have substantiated, evidence-based data to answer this question definitively."

Can raspberry leaf tea kickstart labor?

"It is possible that raspberry leaf tea can cause changes with the uterus that can positively impact labor, but again, this is uncertain," Dr. Berry-Roberts explains. The choice of whether or not to drink red raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy should be something you discuss with your doctor beforehand, as you would before taking any supplement while pregnant.

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