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Family Medicine Doctor Shadi S. Mustafa at ARC Far West in Austin

We are pleased to announce that Shadi S. Mustafa, MD, Family Medicine, has joined the Same-Day Care team at ARC Far West.

ARC Family Medicine doctors are primary care physicians that focus on the diagnosis and treatment of most general illnesses and injuries. At ARC, our family medicine doctors provide the most up-to-date diagnostic and treatment options available.

"I've wanted to be a physician since I was 9," says Dr. Mustafa. "I chose family medicine because I wanted to always be able to practice the full breadth of medicine."

Dr. Mustafa says his goals in being a physician include, "Continue to be a student of medicine, listen and learn from all those who are willing to teach, and to practice and help those who need it with no discrimination and to provide the best care I can to the best of my ability."

The key to healthy living

When asked his best health tip, Dr. Mustafa says, "It may be a cliche, but a lot of people undervalue proper diet and exercise because when done right it is the key to living a healthy life and keeping you out of the doctor's office."

In his free time, Dr. Mustafa says, "I love working out, trying all kinds of cuisines, traveling, hiking, spending time with family, and sleeping because all of that is exhausting."

Make an appointment at ARC Same-Day Care

Same-Day appointments are available 365 days a year for minor emergencies, including sprains, colds and flu, minor burns, seasonal allergies, and more. Make a Same-Day Care appointment online or by calling 512-272-4636 and pressing '1' to make an appointment. ARC Patient Service Representatives are available 24/7 to schedule an appointment.

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic, Dr. Mustafa.

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