Guiding and coaching patients to better health

Megan H. Hoang, APRN, NP-C at ARC Far West in Austin

Guiding and coaching patients toward better health

We are pleased to announce that Megan H. Hoang, APRN, NP-C, has joined the Family Medicine team. A Nurse Practitioner, Megan is seeing patients ARC Far West.

"I previously worked as a veterinary technician and was surprised to find out that what I loved so much about my work was helping to explain something to the pet parents and working through a particularly tough case or workday with my colleagues," Megan says.. "I found that I truly enjoy helping people and decided that I would have the opportunity to help the most people as a nurse. I always knew I would work toward being a nurse practitioner as I really want to maximize my ability to make an impact on people's lives," she continues.

Keep on moving

"I really like to meet people where they are in their lives and partner with them to formulate a plan for whatever goals or concerns, they may have," says Megan. "I see my role as a nurse practitioner as either a guide or coach in the realm of health care."

When asked her favorite health tip to share with patients, Megan simply says "movement." She elaborates, "Get whatever movement feels best for you on most days of the week. Do NOT discount walking; it is free, low stress on your joints, and makes a huge impact on your health."

Megan likes to spend her free time with her family. She says she also enjoys "Going on runs and long walks with my dog, CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, and gardening."

Make an appointment today

Make an appointment with Megan Hoang by calling ARC Far West at 512-346-6611 or book online.

Welcome to ARC, Megan!

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