Creating shared solutions

Internal Medicine Doctor Chau B. Nguyen at ARC Georgetown

ARC is happy to announce that Chau B. Nguyen, DO, Internal Medicine, has joined the team at ARC Georgetown.

"Growing up and seeing the suffering of patients in Vietnam due to limited resources, knowledge, and insurance structure, is what motivated me to want help as a doctor" says Dr. Nguyen. "Internal Medicine gives me the opportunity to provide comprehensive and holistic solutions for each patient."

Dr. Nguyen continues, "We were taught that 60-70% of the useful information is from the clinical story, but I believe such information is from listening to patients, giving them the benefit of doubt, and creating a shared solution that will work for the individual."

Lifestyle changes for sustainable impact

Dr. Nguyen says he has a strong interest in diabetes management, along with lifestyle adjustments for sustainable impact on chronic conditions like hypertension, back pain, and obesity. He says, "Your diet and lifestyle can usually use improvement. You might be looking at it from the wrong angle. Let's sit down and share notes."

In his free time, Dr. Nguyen says he likes to "Spend time with my family, work on my herbal/fruit gardens, binge a little on random YouTube videos, and martial arts."

Make an appointment with Dr. Nguyen today

Dr. is currently welcoming new and established patients. To make an appointment with Dr. Nguyen, call ARC Georgetown at 512-819-0264, or book online.

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic, Dr. Nguyen!

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