Why should you schedule a well-check exam this summer?

Why should you schedule a well-check exam this summer?

Easier family schedules and relaxed days make summer the perfect time to schedule a well-check exam for kids ages 5-18.

Check in on preventive care and new concerns

More than a check-up, well-baby and well-child visits are a good time to talk with your ARC care team about new healthcare concerns, preventive care, and vaccinations. Your doctor or nurse practitioner can cover everything from development milestones for your child's growth to nutrition and physical fitness, including any learning or social and emotional concerns you may have. They also monitor chronic issues like asthma and can complete school and camp physical forms!

We've made it easy

With Pediatric and Family Medicine teams at clinics all around Central Texas, we have a location close to you.

Schedule today

When school is OUT, that's the time to check IN with your pediatrician or family medicine physician for your child's health.

Schedule a well-check exam today at ARCcheckup.com.

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