The Golden Rule guides this PA’s care

Same-Day Care Nurse Assistant Karina L. Rea at ARC Kyle Plum Creek

ARC is happy to announce that Karina L. Rea, PA-C, Family Medicine, has joined the team at ARC Kyle Plum Creek as a Same-Day Care Physician Assistant.

"Growing up, I had several health conditions that made me realize I wanted to have the knowledge to care for myself, and my family," says Karina about her decision to become a Physician Assistant. "Seeing my parents constantly working hard to provide the best possible care for my brother and me, motivated me to pursue a career in health care to one day provide the same exceptional care for my own family."

Optimal nutrition, optimal patient care

"My philosophy of care stems from the Golden Rule, to treat others as I would want to be treated," says Karina. "This allows me to provide care from a stance of empathy, and compassion. The goal of providing positive patient experiences is one of my highest priorities in regard to delivering optimal patient care."

"The importance of optimal nutrition can vastly impact the ability of the human body to heal appropriately, and under the best conditions possible," says Karina when asked about health tips. "I believe a plant-based diet serves to accomplish many health-related goals that can subvert and minimize many patients' healthcare expenses."

In her free time, Karina says, "I love spending time with my daughter, and my husband. Photography has always been a passion of mine, allowing me to capture the essence of memories on film. I also enjoy spending time outdoors, exercising with my camp gladiator family, and attending church services."

Karina only sees patients for illness and injury via Same-Day Care and ARC Telemedicine. Patients should always follow-up with their primary care physician (PCP).

Welcome to ARC Karina Rea!

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