Staying connected to his doctors keeps him connected to his children

Our patients rely on ARC Access for a lifetime of connected care. Watch how it has made a difference in their lives. Meet John.

Active Father of Seven

man with childern

Stay-at-home dad John B. spends his afternoons playing basketball, tennis, football, and ping-pong with his children. He has seven children, six girls and one boy, who range in age from 10-25. "I'm committed to making sure my kids are active," he says.

John, who describes himself as "an older dad" is grateful that he is able to coax his children outdoors and away from technology. This wasn't always the case. In 2016, a flare-up of his ulcerative colitis prevented John from "even walking outside" for much of the year. "I was miserable," John says.

With his ulcerative colitis now under control, John feels great. "I'm back to the gym, working out again, and doing all the activities I want to do with my kids," he says.

John's Health Team

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John, an ARC patient since 2015, credits his doctor for helping him get back to health.

For primary care and his additional health concerns that include high blood pressure, John sees Marc E. Zook, MD (Family Medicine). When John tells Dr. Zook that he's struggling with a health concern, Dr. Zook is "all over it."

"He knows me and we've established a relationship," John says.

Communication Via ARC MyChart

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John describes himself as a big proponent of MyChart. "It's easy to communicate with ARC," he says. "especially with MyChart."

John uses ARC MyChart to make appointments, request refills on medications, and review test results. He also sends secure messages to his doctors via MyChart.

"I feel bad sometimes," John says, laughing at his tendency to ask a lot of questions. "Like they might be saying, ‘Oh, no, another email from John.'"

"Having MyChart has been a real blessing," Dr. Zook says, reflecting that many times patients do not think of questions until after they leave a doctor's office. "It allows us to continue our relationship with a patient outside of the visit."

A Healthy Future

man with daughters

John's commitment to his health stems from a fierce determination to be present for his children. "I lost my father when I was 18 years old," he explains with tears in his eyes.

John's eldest daughter will soon be getting married and John is looking forward to walking her down the aisle. "It's my goal to make sure that I can walk every one of my girls down the aisle when they get married," he says.

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