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Family Medicine Doctor Damian G. Lara, MD at ARC Bastrop

ARC is pleased to announce that Damian G. Lara, MD, Family Medicine, has joined the team at ARC Bastrop.

"When I began medical school, it was with the intention of becoming a family physician and providing that care to anyone," says Dr. Lara. "The family doc holds a unique place in the lives of their community and hopefully, makes those lives better. I still see my family doc who delivered me."

Above all I listen

"It's easy to click buttons but I've found, more often than not, people need someone who will listen first and treat later," says Dr. Lara. "I will always recommend eating right, moving more, and seeing a counselor before any pill." Dr. Lara continues, adding, "I enjoy helping people find their way out of depression and anxiety."

When asked about his health advice, Dr. Lara says, "Some of the healthiest, longest- living people come from areas of the world where they regularly eat a diet rich in vegetables, fruit, olive oil, and fish, AND they walk every single day."

In his free time, Dr. Lara says he is, "Anticipating the birth of my first child, hiking with my wife and our dachshund-terrier mix Oscar (Meyer), tending to our many indoor plants, and low and slow grilling," Dr. Lara adds, "After living in the Caribbean, California, and Wyoming I realized just how good I had it back home. Nowhere has BBQ like Texas."

Make an appointment today

Dr. Lara is welcoming new patients. To make an appointment, call ARC Bastrop at 512-308-4311 or online.

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic, Dr. Lara.

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