Prenatal and postpartum care at ARC

Prenatal and postpartum care at ARC

Proper health before deciding to become pregnant is almost as important as maintaining a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy. The same may be said for postpartum care. In this recent article in Community Impact, Michael D. Newman, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology at ARC South Ob/Gyn in Austin, discusses the importance of prenatal and postpartum care.

"I believe in a patient-centric, multidisciplinary approach that leverages the skills and talents of nurses, physicians and other skilled practitioners, as a team, to deliver the right care quickly and efficiently. I am a strong believer in mixing traditional Western medicine with alternative methods to achieve a safe and purposeful plan of care," Dr. Newman said.

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A pre-pregnancy exam is a way for the doctor to get to know the patient and determine if there is anything they need to pay attention to in preparation for the pregnancy.


Once a patient is in the postpartum phase after giving birth, she might experience other unfamiliar symptoms.

The "baby blues" can sometimes occur only for a few hours each day and often disappear within 14 days after delivery. Postpartum depression, on the other hand, can occur within four weeks to several months after childbirth and can last up to a year. More about baby blues and postpartum depression.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists now recommends that all women have contact with their healthcare provider within three weeks of giving birth and continue to seek ongoing medical care, as needed, during the postpartum period.

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ARC Ob/Gyn doctors and APCs focus on women's health issues, including pregnancy, fertility, birth control, mammograms, menopause, STD testing, ultrasounds, and more.

ARC Ob/Gyn physicians and APCs are here to help you on your pregnancy journey. ARC has many resources to help new moms. Learn more about preparing for pregnancy at ARC.

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"While I've always known medicine was my calling, obstetrics came into focus only when I was in medical school. The women in my life—mother, two sisters and female friends—have always been so important and influential to me, and med school was focused on advancing women's health. Every day, I wake up excited to go to work to improve outcomes for all my patients," said Dr. Newman.

Let Dr. Newman help guide you through your pregnancy. He is accepting new patients ages 12 and older. Call to make an appointment at ARC South Ob/Gyn in Austin at 512-383-9752 or do so online through MyChart or ARC Help Me Book.

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