Pregnancy questions for your Ob/Gyn

Pregnancy questions for your Ob/Gyn

Embarking on the journey to motherhood, especially for first-time parents, often brings a whirlwind of emotions and questions, making the guidance of a trusted Ob/Gyn invaluable. In this recent article in Community Impact, Jonathan C. Saperstein, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology at ARC Center Street in Kyle, covers some of the more common questions he hears.

Some common questions expectant mothers ask and are covered in this article include:

Regarding these questions and more, Dr. Saperstein says, "My goal is to make sure that each of my patients feels heard. I believe patient education and shared decision-making are incredibly important to arrive at a treatment plan tailored to each one's specific needs and desires, while following guidelines and evidence-based medicine."

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"In medical school, I fell in love with Ob/Gyn because of its variety," says Dr. Saperstein. "Not only do I get to perform deliveries and surgeries, but I also have the opportunity to provide primary care for women and follow them throughout the many stages of their life."

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