It’s About Time!

ARC Adds Interactive Timeline to Website

Timeline - ARC History

Austin Regional Clinic has been serving the Austin area for 35 years. To celebrate, we decided to look back over time (and through our archives!) and commemorate milestones achieved along the way.

We have created a timeline on our website that notes when locations, buildings, services, specialties, and more were added, changed, moved, and improved. From the Founding of ARC in 1980 to the introduction of eMD Access last month, it's all there.

For instance, in our timeline, we recognize the addition of services, like this:

And openings of new locations names, like this:

We note the addition of new specialties to the ARC family, like this:

As well as constant improvements in communications with and care of our patients, like this:

We invite you to peruse the ARC Timeline today for yourself and see what forgotten moments you can find. Be sure to check back with the timeline occasionally going forward and see what has been added. Time is not static and neither is our timeline.

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