Focusing on the whole person, not the disease

Family Doctor James H. Wang, MD at ARC Bee Cave

We are happy to welcome James H. Wang, MD, Family Medicine, to the team at ARC Bee Cave.

"Family medicine is special because instead of focusing on a specific disease/problem, it focuses on the person as a whole," says Dr. Wang. He continues, "How are your other conditions coming along? How is your family and living situation? How is your mental health? All these things have a major impact on a person, often a lot more than the pills they're taking."

"My philosophy is always patients first," says Dr. Wang. "Patients come to see me because there is something affecting their health. It is my role to listen and guide them with my medical expertise so they can have all the information available, and together we can make the best medical decision specifically suited for each patient."

Value your mental health!

"There has long been a stigma about mental health, that if you're feeling depressed and anxious, you should just ‘suck it up' and get through it," says Dr. Wang. "Way too often we're told that ‘it's just a phase, it'll get better,' or ‘why are you complaining when everybody else is going through the same thing?' People don't realize that it might not just be a phase, and just because everybody is in the same situation doesn't mean they're at the same place mentally."

"Another problem is that a lot of people don't know there is help," continues Dr. Wang. "There is! There are medications, counseling, and a lot of other resources out there to help. Depression is a terrible and lonesome disease, and if not managed correctly it will lead to worse health outcomes for all other health problems. You can't take care of your loved once if you neglect yourself. Seek help, don't go through it alone!"

In his free time, Dr. Wang says he likes to spend time with his family, "usually at a local park or exploring new places in Austin. If I have time specifically to myself, I like to read detective novels and play Ultimate Frisbee."

Make an appointment today

Dr. Wang is currently accepting new patients. For appointments with him, call ARC Bee Cave at 512-676-2500 or go online.

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic, Dr. Wang!

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