Community Impact spotlights MS care at ARC

Community Impact spotlights MS care at ARC

With the recent arrival of Diana N. Andino, MD, Neurology at ARC Four Points, patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) can rely on Austin Regional Clinic for specialized and comprehensive neurological care.

MS symptoms and disease-modifying therapies (DMTs)

"MS is an autoimmune illness that affects the central nervous system and can present itself through symptoms such as mobility issues, cognition issues such as thinking and memory problems, difficulty with dexterity, loss of vision, or loss of bowel and bladder function," Dr. Andino said in this recent article in Community Impact.

Although there is no cure for MS, Dr. Andino works closely with patients to prescribe disease-modifying therapies (DMTs) that can slow the progression of the disease and reduce acute relapses. She also monitors patients for responses to the treatment and potential complications. Therapies are taken in the form of infusions, injections, or steroids and administered at our infusion center at ARC Four Points.

"Each patient has a unique story and challenges that are important to consider when dealing with complex disorders," says Dr. Andino. "I strive to help patients reach their full potential to maximize their life and independence."

MS care in Central Texas

"There are only [very few] comprehensive, designated MS care centers in Texas; they're very few and far between, less than six or so," Dr. Andino said. Despite this, there is a sizable network of doctors in the Central Texas region with whom Dr. Andino plans to create a network to provide more comprehensive care for the community.

Dr. Andino added that she expects to see patients throughout the region as other MS doctors are located as far as Lubbock and Dallas.

Neurology at ARC

All ARC Neurologists treat various neurologic conditions, including stroke, seizures, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, migraines, and dementias. They serve as primary or consulting healthcare providers, working with your primary care physician. At ARC, we offer cutting-edge neurological diagnosis and treatment.

Make an appointment today

Dr. Andino leads ARC's MS treatment with compassion and dedication. She offers evaluations and creates comprehensive care plans for patients living with MS. She is accepting new and established patients at ARC Four Points.

Call 737-247-7200 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Andino.

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