ARC welcomes Holly A. Leal, PA-C

Holly A. Leal, PA-C at ARC Kelly Lane in Pflugerville

We are happy to welcome Holly A. Leal, PA-C, to the Family Medicine team at ARC Kelly Lane in Pflugerville.

Holly is now scheduling appointments for clinic visits beginning March 28.

ARC Family Medicine APCs focus on the diagnosis and treatment of most general illnesses and injuries, providing the most up-to-date diagnostic and treatment options available.

"At the heart of my practice lies a commitment to compassion for the physical, emotional, and spiritual struggle," says Holly.

Sleep is essential for physical and mental health

"Ensuring a good night's sleep is essential for both your physical and mental well-being. If you find yourself struggling to sleep due to racing thoughts, consider jotting them down before bedtime," says Holly. "Additionally, turn off your screens at least an hour before going to sleep, and instead try unwinding by reading a book until you feel sleepy."

In her free time, Holly says, "I love to read books, and when I'm not reading, I'm usually spending my time with my fiancé and our dog Tobi."

Make an appointment today

Holly sees patients 5 and older. She is now scheduling appointments for clinic visits starting March 28. Call ARC Kelly Lane in Pflugerville at 737-220-7200 or schedule an appointment online.

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic, Holly.

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