ARC welcomes Grace Ann C. Nwosu, PA-C

Grace Ann C. Nwosu, PA-C at ARC Far West

We are happy to welcome Grace Ann C. Nwosu, PA-C, Pediatric Behavioral Health, to the team at ARC Far West. Grace Ann will serve as a Pediatric Physician Assistant for ARC, caring jointly for Dr. James Anderson's patients in the area of Behavioral Health, specifically ADD and ADHD, beginning November 30.

"I believe that listening to the patient is one of the most important parts of my job – by listening, their care becomes a collaborative effort that will yield the best results," says Grace.

Honest and open

"Being completely honest and open about your behavioral struggles ensures that you receive the best care," Grace Ann advises her patients.

In her free time, Grace Ann says, "When not at work, I enjoy spending time with my family, trying out new food recipes, and listening to music."

Make an appointment today

To schedule an appointment with ARC Pediatric Mental Health, patients can call 512-346-6611.

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic, Grace.

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