ARC Ob/Gyn physician part of Black Mamas ATX grant award

ARC Ob/Gyn physician part of Black Mamas ATX grant award

The grant, for Black Mamas REACH Manor! program, was formally awarded at a November 9 Virtual Town Hall Meeting hosted by Impact Austin.

Black Mamas ATX, founded in 2018, serves to ensure that Black women survive and thrive before, during and after childbirth, through a variety of programs and networking groups. The REACH program will take the programs and services into Manor, where there are no Ob/Gyn services. Dr. Berry-Roberts has been a leader and champion within the program, and other ARC physicians, including Dr. Caroline Kaufman and Dr. Jacqueline Champlain, have been actively involved as advocates.

"As a Black physician, a Black mother, a Black wife, a Black recipient of health care, I know firsthand the challenges that can face women and girls of color as they try to maneuver the healthcare system," said Dr. Berry-Roberts. "ARC has committed to serve as a bridge or link between our current patients in the city of Manor and the services offered by BMATX. We, as an organization, understand that care and support beyond our ARC clinics will benefit patients of Manor immensely."

Added Nakeenya Wilson, Black Mamas ATX Executive Director, "This grant will provide Black women and girls in Manor with the support they need to ensure that the sacred experience of pregnancy and childbirth, as well as the months leading up to their baby's first birthday is positive, healthy and safe. Central Texas has the highest Black maternal mortality rate in Texas, and Impact Austin funding has the potential to be life-changing for the Black women in Manor."

Impact Austin is an Austin-based women's collective giving organization, funding Central Texas nonprofits that provide services in Bastrop, Hays, Travis, and Williamson counties. Members donate a minimum amount each year and are part of consideration as to how money is granted. Founded in 2003, the group has given over $7.5 million in grants to organizations in Central Texas.

Read more about the Impact Austin grant here.

Congratulations, Dr. Berry-Roberts, for your outstanding community service!

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