10 tips to transform your daily walk

10 tips to transform your daily walk

"Walking regularly is a great healthy habit — by taking steps to enjoy the walk, you're more likely to keep it up, which is better for your mind, heart and body," says Chau B. Nguyen, DO, Internal Medicine at ARC Georgetown. "Walking 30 minutes per day, five days per week is recommended for establishing a healthy heart."

Here are 10 ways to make your daily walk more enticing:

  • Stretch -- "A good way to start your walk is by stretching your back every morning, including neck, shoulders and hips," says Dr. Nguyen. "Doing so will help you get ready for your morning walk and prevent aches and pains."
  • Take many mini walks -- If your work requires you to sit for prolonged periods during the day, make sure to stand, stretch and take a quick 30-second walk about every 30 to 60 minutes. "[Extra movement is] good for your body and will help you add more steps during the day," says Dr. Nguyen.
  • Strength combo -- Adding weights is a great way to add building strength to your walk. "If you'd like to go the extra mile (pun intended) — adding some light weights as tolerated can also be beneficial for bone health," says Dr. Nguyen.

Other walking tips:

  • Add your favorite tunes
  • Change of scenery
  • Hydrate
  • Power walk
  • Make phone calls
  • Use walking apps

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