Wi-Fi Access: The Newest ARC Advantage

January 1, 2011 - In December, two Austin Regional Clinic locations went “live” with guest Wi-Fi access. The free guest service is offered at ARC Far West and ARC Far West Medical Tower. The sites offer Wi-Fi connectivity similar to the access available in coffee shops, hotels, airports and other businesses.

The two clinics are piloting guest Wi-Fi services, where free internet access is available to any patients or visitors in the waiting areas during regular business hours.

“We’re delighted to make this new service available to our patients and guests for their convenience while in our waiting areas,” said Garry Olney, Chief Operating Officer. “This is a welcome addition to the ‘ARC Advantage.’”

Austin Regional Clinic plans to roll out the free Wi-Fi access to its other 16 locations during 2011.

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