We believe in this vaccine. This is OUR shot!

Covid-19-vaccine minimizes the spread

The more people who get vaccinated, the more difficult it is for the COVID-19 virus to spread. The vaccine also offers long-term protection from severe complications of COVID-19 and minimizes transmission of the illness to others.

AND … once you are vaccinated, you can start doing more of the activities you enjoyed BEFORE the pandemic, such as gathering indoors without masks with others who are fully vaccinated (except where required by federal, state, or local regulations, including business and workplace guidance).

So … get your vax and relax!

Book your COVID-19 vaccine today.

  • ARC patients with an ARC MyChart account can login and book directly at MyChartARC.com or on the app.
  • New patients to ARC or ARC patients who do not use MyChart can complete the online registration form to get notified when we have appointment slots and vaccine doses available.

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