Treating scalp psoriasis in natural hair

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Around half of people living with psoriasis have the condition on their scalp. This form of psoriasis is common in Black people and can also show up on the hairline, forehead, back of the neck, and around the ears.

Scalp psoriasis is often hard to treat in natural hair due to texture. Many people of African descent have tightly coiled hair, which is more fragile than loose curls or straight textures. It also tends to be drier because sebum, a natural moisturizer made in your oil glands, has trouble moving down the hair shaft.

Treating scalp psoriasis if you have natural hair

The good news is that there are a range of prescription and over-the-counter options to treat scalp psoriasis, such as medicated ointments, creams, foams, and other formulation.

When it comes to treating scalp psoriasis in natural hair, "There's a lot of flexibility," says Morgan J. McCarty, DO, Dermatologist at ARC Round Rock, in this recent article in WebMD. "Treatment depends on the type of hairstyle you have and how often you wash your hair," Dr. McCarty explains.

Your dermatologist can help you pick the treatment that is best for your lifestyle.

Things to avoid if you have scalp psoriasis

In general, until you have scalp psoriasis under control, it's best to avoid:

  • Too much heat.
  • Tight hairstyles.
  • Weaves.
  • Hair coloring and relaxers.
  • Too much brushing or combing.
  • Alcohol-based products.
  • Moisturizers.

The bottom line is that patience is the key when it comes to treating scalp psoriasis. It's possible you'll have to try several different treatments before you find one that works. And it can take a couple of months before you see a difference in your skin. Rule of thumb is that if your skin doesn't start to get better after four weeks, contact your dermatologist.

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