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New Austin Regional Clinic Website

Welcome to the new ARC website. With a cleaner interface, more intuitive navigation, and better filters, we hope the new design will help you quickly find the right doctor or nearby clinic.

Still see the old website? Hold down CTRL+F5 for a hard refresh to force your browser to load the new website.

The new design is based on input from you on features you need and navigation that helps you stay connected.

Here are just a few highlights we think you'll like.

Clean, new look

We made the features you use most more accessible and easier to use.

  • Search is right up front … for doctors, locations, and insurance plans and by zip code or your current location.
  • Buttons are top right … for ARC MyChart or to get help booking an appointment online.

Narrow down the search with smarter tools

  • Predictive search on site search.
  • Search doctors based on ages seen, languages spoken, specialty, and more.
  • Search doctors and locations based on your current location.
  • Filter doctors "Accepting New Patients."
  • Find the clinics "Open Now."

Better booking

  • Know when you have to call to book and when you can avoid a call and book online.
  • Get guided scheduling help from every doctor, location, specialty, and services page.

Clutter-free news and alerts

  • News moved to "Blog and updates" at the bottom of the home page.
  • Color-coding and categories help direct you to what you want to read.
  • Alert bar is compact with ability to access more details with a click.

Enjoy the streamlined new ARC web site. We hope it is even easier to find what you need to stay connected.

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