Treat patients like family, with care and attention

Gastroenterologist Keri T. Pinnock at ARC East 7th in Austin

ARC is happy to announce that Keri Lee T. Pinnock, MD, Gastroenterology, has joined the team at ARC East 7th.

Of her decision to become a physician, Dr. Pinnock says, "I have always been interested in medicine, even as a child, but I really decided to become a doctor after my grandmother passed away from complications related to colon cancer."

"What I remember most about her illness, is not fully understanding the implications of her diagnosis and treatment," she adds. Dr. Pinnock says that "unfortunately, as sometimes happens in Jamaica, my grandmother did not fully understand the implications of her diagnosis and treatment. Moreover, we never realized the important role of diagnostic and screening. That experience solidified my desire to go to medical school and motivated my interest in Gastroenterology."

"My practice is centered around communication and care," says Dr. Pinnock. "I think it is most important to provide my patients with information to make an informed decision and to listen to my patients to understand and address their concerns. I treat each patient with the care and attention I would want afforded to my own family."

Colon cancer screening is essential!

"Recommendations are for colon cancer screening to begin at age 45 for those with average risk and earlier for individuals with elevated risk," says Dr. Pinnock. "So please make an appointment to see your neighborhood GI doctor."

In her free time, Dr. Pinnock says, "I love to spend time outdoors going on walks with my husband, and gardening; I also enjoy music – both singing and dancing." In regard to living in Central Texas, she says, "I am new to the area, but I am looking forward to enjoying Texas BBQ."

Make an appointment today

Dr. Pinnock is currently accepting new patients. Make an appointment with Dr. Pinnock at ARC East 7th by calling the clinic at 737-910-6700.

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic, Dr. Pinnock!

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