Thursday, July 4, is Independence Day

Thursday, July 4, is Independence Day

Thursday we celebrate Independence Day, one of the most important days in U.S. and world history. We celebrate what the colonists declared in 1776, that all people have a right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." July 4 is a day founded on the principles of freedom, self-government, and equality.

We hope the day is a reminder of our American heritage and that we live in a privileged nation where we are all blessed to have our independence. It's worth remembering that what we celebrate today is not just the birth of our nation, but the ideals that built and sustain our democracy, and a reminder that we hold the power to shape our nation's future. The independence that we enjoy today hasn't come easy—we continue to fight for it, defend it, and earn it as we work toward a more perfect union.

We want to especially thank our physicians, coworkers, and staff who are working on Thursday in After Hours Clinic, NormanMD, ARC IT, Central Registration, and other areas. They give their time off to serve our patients and the Central Texas community. Thank you.

On this uniquely American holiday, as we celebrate our American values and rededicate ourselves to them, we hope that you will all enjoy a happy, healthy, and safe Independence Day.

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