This pediatrician serves as advocate and healer

Pediatrician Daniel T. Coelho at ARC Bastrop

We are happy to announce that Daniel Coelho MD, Pediatrics, has joined ARC as a network physician. He will transfer to ARC Bastrop when that clinic opens later this summer.

Dr. Coelho says, "I chose medicine because it was a challenge. Being an immigrant, I didn't want to take my parents' hard work for granted." He adds, "In addition, I've always loved working and being around people. Pediatrics has allowed me to be an advocate and healer."

Patience, warmth, and humor help this pediatrician connect

"I believe that every person in the exam has a voice. I really try to make sure that the parents and children have all their concerns addressed before leaving the room.," says Dr. Coelho. "This often requires mostly listening, and I make it a point to never make a family feel rushed when they are being evaluated by me. In addition, I like to use my patience, warmth, and humor to connect with the children and really make sure that they feel comfortable in the exam room."

Hang in there, new parents!

When asked for one health tip, Dr. Coelho said, "Weeks 2 through 6 after your child is born are the toughest. Hang in there!"

In his free time, Dr. Coelho says he enjoys dancing salsa, crossfitting, and exploring the city. When asked about his favorite places to go in the area, he responded, "I just moved to Texas, so I will need your recommendations!"

Make an appointment today

If you would like to make an appointment with an ARC Pediatrician, you can do so online at As completion of ARC Bastrop nears, Dr. Coelho's schedule will be open for appointments as well.

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic, Dr. Coelho!

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