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Family Medicine Doctor Natalie A. Williams' DocTalk

"I'm a physician; we always look at the medical perspective," says Dr. Natalie A. Williams, Family Medicine at Austin Regional Clinic when discussing "whole patient care" in this recent episode of ARC DocTalk on KVUE-TV.

With whole patient care, Dr. Williams explains, "More than just the medicine, we also think about the social perspective—where you live, what you do on a daily basis, what your job is. All of those components work together to help create a healthy human being." She adds, "Because sometimes the problem isn't medical, it's social."

Dr. Williams says sometimes the solutions that might have eluded them come with asking the right question, saying, "It's not that we weren't listening, we just weren't asking the right questions."

"I like to say we're a team; it's you and me working together," Dr. Williams concludes. "I need to know how you are and what is important to you, so that I can bring my medical knowledge to you and help build you as a better person."

Dr. Williams sees patients on an as-needed basis at all ARC clinics and will establish her practice at ARC East 7th when it opens in spring 2021. She is accepting new patients. To book an appointment with her, call 512-272-4636 or go to

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